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Meet Camp Reinvention Founder Wendy Perrotti: In 12 Weeks, Reinvent Your “Who, What, and Why” in the World.

Dana Hilmer and Wendy Perrotti, Founders of Camp Reinvention


Like so many changemakers, Wendy Perrotti has an multi-various background. She’s been a corporate leadership trainer, entrepreneur, even a spokesperson for the American Red Cross. She and Co-Founder Dana Hilmer are both Certified Coaches who realized that typical coaching models weren’t driving change for ‘Grown-Up Women’. (Here at Caire, we appreciate that notion because that’s also why Lorrie and I started Caire!)

So they invented Camp Reinvention. And after three years of real life experience, Camp Reinvention is now a proven methodology. To boot, it’s doable online – which makes the work of manifesting your who, what, why fearless with a big dose of fun. In 12 weeks – you’ll get coached, you’ll work hard, you’ll be more honest than you’ve ever been, you’ll unlock emotional patterns that have blocked you forever (but you didn’t know about).

You’ll figure out what “operational issues” are in the way and what to do about that with specificity. And you’ll meet an interesting, smart cohort of women like you, and by the end, you will be on your own yellow brick road.


  • Someone who wants her mojo back post-menopause.
  • Someone who wants to change jobs
  • Someone who wants to start a side hustle.

Let me highlight why I believe Camp Reinvention is so useful for so many situations – women who’ve had career success but want change, women who haven’t worked in a while and are seeking new purpose, women who’ve put on weight, women who can’t sleep after years of hot flashes and insomnia... Most coaching and self-help books are about goal setting. At Camp R, goal setting “is the last mile”. Perrotti and Hilmer know from real-life experience that identifying goals is meaningless unless key life patterns learned over 40, 50, 60 years is unpacked and resolved.


Here is a closer look at the Camp Reinvention 4 Pillar Method:

  1. RESET: The RESET is all about figuring out your personal sticking points. Things that are operating “under the hood”. Camp R details how physiology interacts with our emotional being. Here’s an example - for millennia we humans have avoided the unfamiliar – like bears and tigers and with good reason! But today, fear of the unfamiliar gets in the way of life change. Camp R shows you how to effectively discover & target these hidden holding patterns.
  1. REWIND: Here, we’re still looking ‘under the hood’ but at what Perrotti calls the “emotional gunk”, the negative experiences that over time have turned into belief systems. Imagine discovering what you’re holding onto that is actually undermining you; such as family culture or teen beliefs.
  1. REBOOT: This is an area that Perrotti says is “particularly ignored”. Looking at your current reality honestly (and you’ll be assessing yourself differently and more clearly after Reset & Rewind). What are your real strengths and assets (material, intellectual...)? What are the real challenges?  These will have an impact on how you choose to move forward, you’ll become more grounded in the possible. Then and only then, will you get to ...
  1. RE-ENGAGE: Now that you’ve become grounded in a more objective reality, you’ll deep-dive into what you yearn for and setting goals. The Camp R approach is different. Most of the time, we set a goal and then set a path towards it. And most of the time, something gets in the way of the path and we end up back at the beginning.

The entire Camp Reinvention agile methodology puts you on a path that makes sense, that helps you eliminate hurdles before they come up. It’s not possible to sum up the proven tools that make Camp R’s method work, but here’s one that might make you laugh for a moment. It’s dubbed THE COMPASS POINT – which asks you to ask how you want to feel.

So, for example, instead of just, I want to switch jobs, or I want to get a divorce or I want to lose 20 pounds, your Compass Point might be:

I want to feel fulfilled        or

I want to make an impact       or

I want to feel vital, healthy and sexy.  

Recently, a woman discovered that her Compass point was to have a “helluva good time”. To this I say, “Don't’ we all!”  In her case, during the earlier modules, she realized she was taking life too seriously. Her reinvention turned out to be a career one – she applied for a executive level job in a utterly different industry (HINT: hyperloops!), one that she would never have dreamed of applying for. Result: She landed the job AND a 30% pay raise.

Here is an almost movie-like Camp Reinvention story. Picture a High School Spanish language teacher in an affluent community who loses her job because she’s been ‘fighting the system’ about how to teach... and had become frustrated and cynical. Now unemployed, she writes a mini novella because she believes acquiring language by reading stories about people with relatable identities and situations is more engaging than textbooks filled with verb conjugation lists. A career coach tells her there’s no money in publishing and her ‘little book’ will be nothing more than a glorified business card.

Camp Reinvention

Since going thru Camp Reinvention 3 years ago, Jennifer Degenhardt, has published 36 books in 5 languages! And while she doesn’t need the money – any longer – she’s taken on a college level adjunct teaching position because she’s re-fallen in love with teaching.

If you’re even remotely interested in Camp Reinvention, please take a look here:  https://caire.krtra.com/t/u2ms9IYnvJXc. Wendy has kindly agreed to give our Caire community a discount on their personal Reinvention journey - they only have a few group programs a year, so don’t let this chance for change pass you by.

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