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Why I love using an LED light as a part of my skincare toolbox? - Co-Founder, Lorrie King


As a beauty founder deeply passionate about skincare, I can't stress enough the transformative power of an FDA-cleared LED Light Therapy Panel or Mask. This isn't just any skincare tool; it's a game-changer that I personally incorporate into my beauty routine multiple times a week for my face, neck, chest, and hands. Sometimes, I even indulge in a full-body LED light bed session. Let me share why this should be a staple in your beauty arsenal.

What an LED Light Does and Why It's Good for You?

LED Light Therapy utilizes four different light spectrums to target various skin concerns. Whether you're looking to smooth fine lines & wrinkles, balance oil production, control blemishes, or tighten your skin and LED light can be extremely beneficial for your skin. Regular helps reduce the bacteria responsible for oily and blemished skin while smoothing lines and wrinkles while being a fabulous collagen-boosting ritual tool.

Why It’s FDA-Approved and Safe?

You might wonder why FDA clearance is significant and can add value to something used in skincare. This means that the LED light system has been rigorously tested for safety and efficacy. It's a testament to the quality and reliability of a LED device, ensuring it delivers real results without compromising your health.

Why Women Over 40 Will Love It?

For those of us over 40, maintaining youthful, vibrant skin becomes a bit more challenging. LED light masks are typically made from food-grade silicone, making it incredibly comfortable and safe for prolonged use.  While an LED panel is something you can sit on a shelf or hold up to place anywhere you love using it.  Most LED devices include or incorporate eye protective glasses.  Some masks that incorporate the glasses while allowing you to see out are super useful for multitasking—whether you're working, reading, cooking, traveling, cleaning, or just relaxing with your favorite show.

LED Comfort is Essential

Look for an LED device or mask that has strong reviews especially if it is a mask as you will want a fit that is not too rigid or uncomfortable.  You will want to seek out one that is soft and lightweight, ensuring you get your facial treatments on the go without any type of hassle. 

How to Use an LED Light for Pro-aging Benefits (we at Caire prefer this to anti-aging as we most certainly are not against aging)

Incorporate an LED Multilight Skin Therapy Mask into your daily or weekly skincare routine.  I use mine daily for 3 to 4 minutes a day and if I miss a week I just use my light for 15 minutes after I do my weekly Caire Triple Lift Molecule mask regimen.  I definitely experience smoother skin, fewer wrinkles, less redness and many other skin-rejuvenating benefits that have made this tool an indispensable part of my beauty regimen. And always remember that you can feel free to adjust any part of a routine to better match your specific preferences!

Important Safety Information You Should Consider

While I absolutely love my LED light therapy sessions, it's essential to use any device safely. Please don't expose these lights to your eyes while open and these LED devices should should not be used if you are pregnant, a child, have epilepsy, are a thyroid patient on thyroid medications, are on light allergy medications, or have skin diseases or open wounds.

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