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Caire Frequently Asked Questions

Caire | FAQs & Help Center

The Co-Founders, Lorrie King & Celeste Lee have been in the beauty industry for over 40 years combined.  As a result, they have questioned, discussed, studied and seen the evolution of ingredients and consumers resistance to the growing tide over the years of chemicals.  They believe that there is a balance of excellent science combined with the cleanest of skin care ingredients in every formulation they create at the Caire lab. 

Proof of how clean Caire is.

We were vetted by Kathryn of AILLEA, a Goop approved go to brick-and-mortar clean beauty destination that offers uncompromising beauty products. She curates every product that enters her store and believes that at AILLEA  "we aim to have the safest products available and have some of the strictest standards in the industry. We are continually studying ingredients to make sure we are using the most current research available. While we can't list ALL of the ingredients banned from our products (there are over 1300), these are some of the major ingredients/categories of concern that are banned from AILLEA."  See for yourself by checking out AILLEA's list of banned ingredients here.

Caire is honored to be available at AILLEA where their mission is "all about empowering everyone to make healthy choices about the products they put on their body".   Part of Caire's science mission is 100% aligned with AILLEA.

  • Artificial Color Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Polyvinyl Chloride Free
  • Polyethylene Free
  • Palmitates Free
  • SLS/SLES Free
  • PEG Free
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Silicone Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Triethanolamine Free
  • Artificial Fragrances/Fragrance Free
  • Beeswax Free
  • Lanolin Free
  • Nut Oil Free
  • Propylene Glycol Free
  • Polyacrylamide Free
Yes, however many in the industry say that you must have a certificate.  Well, we are a small woman founded business and since we have our lab we know exactly where each raw material ingredient is sourced from.  Therefore, we have the paperwork to back up our cruelty-free status.  Why pay to say we don't harm bunnies when we absolutely do not?

Caire does not have phthalates, fragrance, silicones. parabens or Polyacrylamides.


Yes, we do not have a load of chemicals in our products that would be toxic for your skin when applied as directed.  

If any skin effects occur please contact your doctor immediately.

Our Founders have chosen to use natural colorants that are beneficial for the skin and consciously decided that the pinkish colors had to come from natural ingrediets such as the red algae we use. 

Caire is a skincare brand on a mission. On a mission to provide women 35+ with skin care for their mature skin as it ages that directly addresses changing hormones’ effects on skin. As women over 40 ourselves, we were shocked to find that 99% of anti-aging skincare is ‘one size fits all’ - meaning it’s made for women, men, anyone 25 to 85. Much of it is good and valid, but here’s the big problem… it’s created for general aging and photo-aging (you know, those pesky UV rays!), not Hormone-Caused aging.               

Caire set out to understand the science of hormone change on skin during peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause. Our PhD science team is solely focused on ‘our generation’ skincare. We make skin look better and more beautiful immediately BUT our secret power is in fighting the root effects of hormone decline.              

A little science moment here! Hormone decline causes skin cell production decline. Did you even know this? Most women don’t because it was thought that nothing could be done about it from the standpoint of skincare so the beauty world just ignored it. Caire uses new STEM science to kickstart skin cell production. More molecules = more skin cells = better skin.              

So what’s our mission!  Helping all women face life stronger and younger every day by helping to stimulate their own skin molecule production. 

Caire creates skincare for women who are going through hormone decline (starting at 31) 40+ because we believe the mature wiser woman has a right to demand advanced science that meets her specific time of life skin change issues. The founders, Lorrie and Celeste are over 40 (well over 40!) themselves and were disappointed in the beauty world for assuming that anti-aging skincare should be GENERALIZED for everyone regardless of age or time of life need.     Doesn't anti-aging mean you are against aging and isn't it negative?  We believe in pro-aging and living a life where we are enhancing our best attributes whie maintaining our health of our skin, body & mind. 

To be fair to all you big beauty companies out there, the female empowering healthy skin anti-aging science didn’t exist until pretty recently to actively defy hormone caused skin molecule decline, but it does now and it’s time to show the world that women today can literally face aging differently, healtier and better. 

Lorrie King and Celeste Lee created Caire Beauty after realizing that the business of beauty had utterly neglected time of life skincare for adult female women. After being in the business themselves for over 40 years (together not singly, mind you!), they were shocked and disappointed to discover that hormone caused skin issues were pretty much ignored post teen acne years. Since hormones are like the traffic signals in our body and start and stop nearly every function whether sleeping, eating, growing or glowing, they thought that that was simply not acceptable.


Everyone wants to look their best at every age and not ever feel invisible or ignored. That’s the great thing about our species after all - - Looking at each other is part of how we communicate and socialize with each other! Adult 35+ hormone change is a real thing, and Caire is the first skincare to say:  we get it ... women grow up – and that’s normal but we’re gonna do something about those growing up effects and make facing hormone change a bit easier on the mind and body. 


So Lorrie and Celeste decided to create the change they wanted to see ourselves. Partnering with brilliant PhD scientists, the Caire lab aims to help 35+, 40+ mature skin look, feel and act just a bit ‘younger’ with unique and proprietary hormone defying anti-aging science. 

The ‘i’ in Caire stands for the individual in you. Our mission is to help each individual woman face life stronger and younger everyday through superpowered, hormone-defying skin caire. 

Especially during these complex times, ‘made for our generation’, scientifically advanced, fair-priced mature skin care is so needed for feeling, looking, being confident in who we are and what we aspire for ourselves in our real 30+, 40s & 50s, 60+ lives. 

The Caire lab is small but mighty. And yes, we’re kind of taking on the traditional skincare establishment by calling out the truth – and consequences of – hormone deficient skin. And ahem, we deeply dislike that word deficient. Let’s say hormone changing skin instead, shall we?

Optimizing skincare with ‘our generation’ STEM science is about time. Yep, it’s about time that the beauty universe woke up and realized that ‘time of life’ hormone change is real. And it’s normal. The ‘change’ is a fundamental part of millions of lives every day. Not to mention the 6,000 amazing individuals who start menopause every single day.

Remember hormones can be defied! By choosing caire, the first skincare with hormone-defying science. Proudly made in New Jersey in the USA.

Caire’s hormone defying science is:  

A.    advanced

B.    next generation 

C.   state of the art

D.   clinical

Actually, the right answer if in fact that SAT classic question:  “All Of The Above”. 


A major part of caire’s purpose is to bring advanced science to life that directly benefits women 40+.  Part 2 is to create clinically sophisticated products at a fair price, so that each individual can feel confident and comfortable about caring for themselves at the right, benefit-maximizing use levels. Part 3 is formulating solely with ingredients that are clean and good for skin. 


As we like you caire (pun intended!) about what goes onto .. and into .. our skin. 

Caire is specifically and purposefully designed for mature grown up women. Historically, the knowledge simply didn’t exist to directly tackle the effects that hormone changes have on skin and typically focus on surface glow and almost never on returning the skin to better health as a woman ages. Most anti aging skincare is designed to help skin damaged by photo-aging, aka UV. But that’s just part of the story!   Hormone loss is a different cause of aging. It causes your body to produce less collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid (HA) and dermal fat. This creates a fundamental weakening of skin structure which in plain english means: sagging skin, undereye bags, eyelid droop, cheek volume loss, furrows and wrinkles.  

While we’re not the Fountain of Youth (hint; there’s no such thing), our formulations can actually make a real difference in the health of the skin. Which means the skin above looks firmer, smoother, liftier! Plus you will definitely see and feel a difference as evidenced by our clinical results, but also once you start receiving those "you look younger" compliments. 

Our key ingredients are tested on women’s skin that has aging and other skincare inflammatory effects.  These women were between 41 and 60 and we tested to gain true insights on effectiveness.   Our purpose is to use NEW SCIENCE and PhD developed mature skin care formulations to fight hormone decline in the skin. As we like to say from time to time, hormones be damned!  

The Serum, Moisturizer & Mask all feature our obsessively, perfectly balanced Triple Hyaluronic Acid complex & unique HA Growth Factor. The Mask deep infuses skin, both above and below the skin’s natural barrier, to create an immediate lifting, tightening, smoothing, super well-rested effect. Theorem Serum Boost is clinically proven to help rebuild skin better over time, including improving skin firmness 200% and surface hydration 24x. Together the Set builds up skin strength by actively encouraging your own skin to act younger and better. Yes, your skin needs daily encouragement and then twice weekly a major kick to be its best. 

Yes. Our Triple Lift Molecule Mask and Theorem Serum duo are besties. So it’s your decision but honestly your skin will look and just be so much better if you mask 2x a week and serum 2x a day. Both products feature our obsessively, perfectly balanced Triple Hyaluronic Acid complex & unique HA Growth Factor. 

The Mask deep infuses skin, both above and below the skin’s natural barrier with nutrients, to create an immediate lifting, smoothing, super well-rested effect. The Serum is clinically proven to help rebuild skin better over time (including improving firmness 200% for starters) and it gives you instant glow and hydration. Having said that, if you’re only up for trying one new thing just right now, you can mask or serum solo.  

Defiance Science is about defying hormone caused aging. Were you a protestor in the 1960s or aspire to be a rebel punk rocker in the 80s (or at least dress like one)? So now that you’re seriously grown up, there’s nothing wrong with openly stating that you’re protesting aging. That’s where caire comes in. Our Mask works to ‘protest’ aging with three key components. Firstly, there is a naturally fermented carrier whose mission it is to help the other ingredients pass through the skin barrier. Those key ingredients are different weights of HA molecules and our unique HA growth factor. These critical skin building materials get down into skin layers, infusing them with nutritive hydration. 

Result? A not so magical lifting, smoothing, plumping and filling in of little lines, sags and bags. It’s science, babes. Science that fills in from underneath and makes you look like sleeping beauty. Except for the horrible curse and the 100 years business, that is.  

Caire cares about defying hormone related aging. What this means is that each caire product is formulated with ingredients to help skin act younger. Our Serum contains a unique Growth Factor that signals your own skin to increase production of a key skin molecule - Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Your skin produces HA everyday (and uses it too), it’s just that as you grow up, you produce less and less of it. For women, this is directly related to diminishing estrogen and progesterone. 

For all the deets on why HA is so major, read our blog post on The 10 Things I Love About HA. But in a nutshell, HA is the Olympic weightlifting winner of molecules because it holds up to 1000x its own weight in water. Theorem Serum encourages skin to rebuild itself a bit faster and a bit better with the HA Growth Factor but it also instantly indulges skin with 3 kinds of HA molecules to make skin feel hydrated and smoother immediately. Why 3 kinds? Because each one is a different weight (meaning a different length). Our heavyweight molecule immediately hydrates skin on the skin’s surface whereas the middle-weight and bantam-weight HA molecules reach down into skin’s deepest layers to bring moisture back up and through the layers to create a plumper, fuller, hydrated from the inside out effect. The proof is in the dewy, ‘bouncy’ look. 

Over time (minimum one month use), you can expect a 200% increase in skin firmness and 24x increase in hydration levels on the stratum corneum.  There’s more good news. All this help down below helps to lift skin back up. 78% of users saw visible improvement in the undereye area and 75% in the jawline. Yes, the JAWLINE!  

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is an odd name for what is actually a long chained sugar molecule that is a super hydrator. What that means is that it attracts and binds water to it, 1000x its own weight. HA is used all over the body from your brain to your knees (think joint lubrication!) and beyond. 50% of it lives in your skin and it serves to structure skin. Think of it as scaffolding for the collagen and elastin proteins. That’s why when you hit 40 and hormone loss causes HA loss, it has such a big effect on skin. And menopause only makes that HA loss bigger. Fundamentally, fewer HA molecules in skin means sags, bags, lines, uneven texture, loss of firmness. But you’ve got caire now, so don’t worry! We can fix you up with HA today and help your skin make more of it all by its own sweet self. 

A Growth Factor is a substance, usually a peptide, that signals your own body to produce, make, create, synthesize (they all mean the same thing!) more of something. Caire’s HA Growth Factor, the MAGIC ingredient in Theorem Serum Boost signals your own skin to make more HA. We all produce HA every day and use about 1/3 of our body’s supply every day. The challenge is that at age 30, you make 1% less a year and for women, starting around 40, you make a lot less year on year.   Soooo… while we’re not asking you to do any math, the bottom line is that anything you can do to get your skin to make more than it would otherwise is so helpful. A little teamwork makes the dream work!

Bio nutrition is using ingredients from nature to enhance health and beauty. We are what we eat and that applies to skin just as much as say, bones and muscles. Skin needs vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein, lipids, water and other specialized molecules.  Caire bio-nutritive skincare has zero fillers, unlike so many traditional (and sadly even some of the newer) beauty brands. Each and every ingredient brings nutrition into and onto skin, specifically for female 40+ skin. Cuz women should get to spend their hard earned cash on the good and the great. And not put up with anything less. Ever.   

Theorem Serum Boost:

The Serum has humectant qualities as well as a Growth Factor in it, so it creates super moisturization and glow immediately and builds firmness and smoother texture over time. Our Serum is highly likely to be superior to other serums you’ve tried because the formulation is specifically designed to meet the specific needs of adult women’s skin – optimized for women 40 – 65 and beyond). But yes please continue to use your moisturizer or sunscreens over the caire serum. Caire skincare is designed to play nicely with others.


Triple Lift Molecule Mask:

Our Mask’s #1 purpose is to give you a deep and super powerful infusion of moisture and skin-strengthening HA molecules. It can help instantly (well after 15 – 20 minutes use that is!) smooth lines and wrinkles; help lift up undereye bags and reduce redness & other signals of skin inflammation. We strongly recommend that you use the Mask 2 times weekly. But if you would prefer to use our Mask 1x a week and another mask another time, that would not be a problem.  

The more you use our Caire Serum and Mask, the more you will find that it improves the following: a) smoothing of lines and wrinkles  b) soothing of skin redness and parched areas   c) better skin firmness   d) reduction in hormone-caused adult acne  e) softer, smoother skin texture.


Our HA Complex works from the inside to achieve a 200% increase in firmness in 4 weeks of Theorem Serum use (2x daily) based on Clinical results. Of course, each woman’s individual results will vary but overall expect stronger, smoother, suppler skin.


Caire products use only the highest quality ingredients, as listed under each individual product. 

  • Artificial Color Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Polyvinyl Chloride Free
  • Polyethylene Free
  • Palmitates Free
  • SLS/SLES Free
  • PEG Free
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Silicone Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Triethanolamine Free
  • Artificial Fragrances/Fragrance Free
  • Beeswax Free
  • Lanolin Free
  • Nut Oil Free
  • Propylene Glycol Free

We purposefully decided to not price our science forward highly effective proprietary formulations in the hundreds of dollars yet our science stands up to and exceeds many of those hundreds of dollar price products. We realize that women want a fair and approachable price point for their beauty products. We hope that our pricing allows you to fit Caire into your daily regimen because the "i' in Caire is for the individual in you.

Best Sellers:

Theorem Serum Boost - $ 56

Triple Molecule Face Mask - $ 52

Serum and Face Mask Duo - $ 99.95

Sign up and Save with a Subscription Plan and save 20%*:

Theorem Serum Boost - $ 44.80

Triple Molecule Face Mask - $ 41.60

Serum and Face Mask Duo - $79.96

*See the Subscribe & Save section for more details.

You can store Caire products with the rest of your skincare products. They are best if kept out of sunlight as the natural seaweed extract in our products (that gives it our ‘blush pink’ color) will fade with exposure to UV light. But even if it happens,  sun exposure will not diminish the power of Caire formulas to work. Some have asked if refrigeration is necessary, the answer is no, unless you personally prefer the feeling of a cooler product on skin.

We do not have samples to offer as we’re a new brand truly focused on putting the best and frankly most expensive modern science and bionutrition into our skincare - which is actually the opposite of what most companies do (who spend most of their money on marketing and not superior science). So, at this time, we are simply not in a position to offer samples, but you are very welcome to buy Caire Beauty and try it personally. You can feel confident in doing so, as we absolutely offer a full guarantee on all of our hormone defying skincare.

Caire’s Serum ‘hugs’ your skin. It is fast-absorbing and designed to be bioavailable which means it goes into skin to provide the skin inside with nutrition and good molecules. Some might feel our superior HA HMW (high molecular weight) ingredient providing you with longer-lasting hydration. This is the formula working from the outside to create superior glow and smoothing.

Dr. Beth Goldstein prefers to apply her antioxidants as a base prior to the thicker Caire serum and it works well for her skin type. 

We at Caire recommend that you apply our serum (day and night) before any other serums or retinols (we suggest retinols at night).  Allow to the Caire serum to fully dry and then apply anything else afterwards.  We suggest it this way to help eliminate any potential skin reactions, however feel free to switch it up just like Dr. Beth depending on how your skin adapts to Caire.

Caire is for women of all ages and skin-types who are experiencing any form of wrinkles, crepey skin or sun damage. Caire is a wonderful beauty breakthrough for women of all skin types. 

Caire uses ingredients that show strong and safe clinical results including a 200% increase in skin firmness with 4 weeks usage (Serum only) and 24x improvement in hydration, upon immediate use (both Mask & Serum).

Caire products are Dermatologically Tested and are always formulated to the highest clean formulation standards. (Dermatological testing encompasses all skin tones and types.)

Our formulas are created in the Caire Lab and infused with a high level of performance actives to maximize molecular nutrition into the skin; we also micro test each and every batch to ensure that every bottle is pristine and perfect. Additionally, our products are safe to use on sensitive skin, as well as, for individuals undergoing major disease treatments and situations.  

It is highly unlikely that you will experience an allergic reaction as our ingredients and formulations are designed to create a surge of hydration to purge the skin of micro-bacteria while also being anti-inflammatory and skin-building in nature. We do not have retinols or other acids (such as glycolic or lactic) in our products whatsoever. But if you experience an allergic reaction, please immediately stop use contact a medical professional. 

As a part of your skin care regimen we advise the below for best skin performance prior to applying products from Caire's skin care store:

  1. Apply Mask 1-3 times per week for an ultra hydrating boost to your mature and aging skin
  2. Cleanse skin with a cleanser of your choice (for drier skin, Co-Founder Lorrie uses an oil based cleanser and during the summer when her skin is more hydrated, she uses a enzymatic cleanser to help purge the pores better)
  3. Apply a toner with natural botanicals that replenishing to your skin to help balance your skin's PH
  4. Apply the Caire serum, allow to dry well and then you can apply other serums or moisturizers.  Caire Founder's Observation: you may notice that over time with use of the Caire serum that your skin may no longer need a moisturizer.
  5. Apply other serums (eg. Vitamin C, Retinols as advised by your doctor, etc.) and moisturizers 

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Every individual, every experience, every customer matters at caire. Should you have any questions at all – or even fresh ideas about what skincare you would like to see in the world or stories to share about your hormone or menopause impacted life, please get in touch, we promise to respond as soon as possible.

Generally speaking, this means our team is live and working between 10am and 5pm EST. On holidays, team caire is off, so we’ll answer on the next non-holiday weekday.

Contact us at:

Email: hello@cairebeauty.com

Phone: 808.468.5088

All of our products can be purchased through the Caire Beauty website! cairebeauty.com

You can also purchase products at any AILLEA location or on their website aillea.com

No, you can only use one promotional code on each order.  Promotional codes can not be used with subscriptions.

We have a 30 Day money back feel good guarantee. Your satisfaction with Caire Beauty's mature skin care is important to us! If you are not satisfied with your products within 30 days of the receipt date of your product, then we are happy to initiate a refund for your purchase.

You can email care@cairebeauty.com and connect with one of our Caire customer care team beauty advisors to begin the return process.  Please send us your name, order number and why you are making a return as well.  As a women founded business we pride ourselves on listening and learning to help us stay in tune with how each of you is experiencing our carefully created skincare.  

We're sorry, but shipping fees for returns are not refundable.


You can reach Caire's customer care team at hello@cairebeauty.com or call 808-468-5088 between 9am-5pm EST.  We are woman founded and seek to be responsive to provide you with the best of care and service, however we are a very small team, so we may take a moment to get back to you.  We are appreciative of your patience. 

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