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The Science

In the Lab

At the caire lab, we have a simple but important design theorem.

The proof is in our product. We call what we do hormone responsive, bio-nutritive science and sometimes wish that everyone else in the world would get on board. So forgive us, if we sometimes sound a little too proud of our skincare – it’s only because we think making things that help women feel great and are clean & healthy should just be the way of things. After all, dealing with hormones is enough to worry about, without having to stress about whether there’s mineral oil, phthalates, the dreaded parabens and other weird things in your skin products.

Hormone Defying regenerative science is what we caire about. 

  • Great results-driven science and clean ingredients should go hand in hand. 
  • Because today, the latest science can also be the cleanest science.
  • Here’s hoping that the brands we loved in our 20s get on board soon too.

We go after the natural decline in HA (Hyaluronic acid) production that occurs with estrogen and progesterone hormone decline. 

When we make less HA, we lose skin density and volume. On our faces, this means sags, bags, lines, and softness around the jawline, the mouth, the cheeks. 

Theorem Serum Boost pushes more HA molecules in immediately AND triggers your own body to make more HA. 

  • Improves skin density 200%.
  • Improves the firmness around the jawline, cheeks, mouth and nose.


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