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The Secrets Behind the Science | Created in the Caire Lab & Made in the USA

In the Lab

At the Caire Lab, we have a simple but vital design theorem.

Skin as it ages & experiences hormone decline due to aging and menopause is new thinking, so we created anti-aging facial skin care products for mature and menopausal skin. We call this Hormone Defying Science using unique formulas, delivery systems & luxury level ingredients.

The proof is in our product. We call what we do hormone responsive, bio-nutritive science & sometimes wish that everyone else in the world would get on board. So forgive us, if we sometimes sound a little too proud of our facial skin care – it’s only because we think making things that help women feel great & are clean & healthy should just be the way of things.

After all, dealing with hormones is enough to worry about, without having to stress about whether there’s mineral oil, phthalates, the dreaded parabens and other weird things in your mature skin products.

Hormone Defying regenerative molecular nutrition science is what we care about at Caire. 

  • Great results-driven science & clean ingredients should go hand in hand. 
  • Because today, the latest science can also be the cleanest science.
  • Here’s hoping that the brands we loved in our 20s get on board soon too.

We go after the natural decline in HA (Hyaluronic Acid) production that occurs with estrogen and progesterone hormone decline. 

When we make less Hyaluronic Acid, we lose skin density and volume. On our faces, this means sags, bags, lines, and softness around the jawline, the mouth and the cheeks. 

Caire's Triple Lift Molecule Mask & Theorem Serum Boost work to push more HA molecules in immediately AND also works very hard to send signals to trigger your own body to make more HA. 

  • Improves skin density 200%.
  • Improves the firmness around the jawline, cheeks, mouth and nose.

We’re vegan, cruelty-free, and clean. That’s the promise we made from day one. Ourskin care store has products that use no polyethylenes, no silicones, no parabens, none of that nonsense. We use plant, tree & sea derived ingredients only. 

In our recent clinical trials (with women over 40 with more than just fine lines and wrinkles), we received amazing 97 - 100% results in all categories, showing how much our customers love our products. We tested ourskin care masks after one day of use and ouranti aging serum after four weeks of consistent use, and our target demographic of women over 40 were satisfied on every point. 


The Caire Clean Free From List & Clean Philosophy For Skin Care

   Gluten FreeFragrance FreeCruelty-Free

Join The Caire-Volution & Let Us Show You How Your Skin Can Get Healthy Again By It's Focus The Traditional Glow, Lift & Firm, But Also the Aging Affects That Come with Hormone Decline due to the onset of Peri- to Post- Menopause. SHOP CAIRE NOW