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The beach. Late nights partying. Good times! But most of the signs of the times showing on our faces are caused by hormone shifts. Simply put, declining estrogen has bummer impacts on skin and the body. If you think about it, skincare during your 20s is not right for right now. 

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caire marries STEM science to modern clean science. Those wrinkles, lines, sags and bags that nag and niggle you. Who needs ‘em. 

Kim C. Yogini, 40 (and fab!)

Kat Hill Art, History & Foodie Tour Guide, 55 (and proud!)

Seeks to Take Better Care of Herself.  Caire fits my healthy lifestyle. Meet Kim!

Discovered Theorem Serum Boost just in the nick of time! I love the way the serum makes my skin glow for my annual Guide Awards event.  Meet Kat!

You can get tomorrow’s STEM science in today’s bio-rejuvenating, bio-nutritive skincare.

We analyzed the Hyaluronic Acid formulas available and only a few, and generally at $250+, really perform. Our proprietary triple Hyaluronic Acid complex matches (and exceeds!) those formulas, but at a price point that you can afford for your life moment.

Created by women for women.

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Ummm, it’s about time that a skincare company considers the real world when designing skincare.

Here’s what Caire is thinking about … Zooming all day ... Reunions ... Feeling motivated ... Never becoming invisible. Second acts! Staying ‘competitive’ against a hyper ambitious newbie? Dating…again? And again! Looking and feeling confident.

Everything caire is clean. We mean clean.

Clean can be confusing. The Environmental Working Group (EWG), is the go to resource on all things clean. The result? All of our products have favorable EWG scores meaning they are as safe as it gets. If like us, you’re a little obsessive, check out how we combine new science with 100% clean and vegan ingredients.

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