Life Moment #1 ... 55 Years, Tour Guide. Lines & sun damage from my job outdoors

Oh no! I wanted to impress my colleagues at a work awards ceremony. What can I do? Hear what happens when Katherine starts using Caire's Theorum Serum!
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Why Life Moments Matter?

The good news is that we women live long, interesting lives.

At Caire, we think of women’s lives as a series of LIFE MOMENTS.

From first dates and starting college...

Caire is self-care for each of your life moments.

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Caire is serious skin-building nutrition and Coming Soon: ingestible life moment solving nutrition

Each Caire product is designed to address a specific Life Moment with its specific challenges.

We aim to help YOU look & feel YOUR best during each of YOUR life moments. (That’s why we put the “i” in caire).

Caire is serious skincare

What Is Caire?

You can get tomorrow’s STEM science in today’s bio-rejuvenating, bio-nutritive skincare. We analyzed the Hyaluronic Acid formulas available and only a few, and generally at $250+, really perform.  Our proprietary triple Hyaluronic Acid complex matches (and exceeds!) those formulas, but at a price point that you can afford for your life moment. 

Created by women for women.

Face-Glowing Theorem Serum with Skin Builder
Facelifting Flask in a Mask

In The Lab ...

Life Moment #2 - Some of our menopausal friends told us they are looking to sleep better at night ... in fact through the entire night.  

Life Moment #3: Others asked us for specialized care for ultra sensitive or compromised skin. 

Caire is in the lab working on these right now.  

In the Lab - Image of Women under sheets

The Caire Commitment

The Caire Commitment