Facial Boost Duo Set | Serum + Mask (30 Day Supply) & Gua Sha

Rose Quartz Face Ritual Stone + Theorem Serum Boost + Triple Molecule Mask

Our hand-polished gua sha Face Ritual Stone detoxes, destresses and depuffs while improving circulation and providing lymphatic drainage.  

Immediate skin benefits include firmer, smoother, more smoother more radiant skin. Follow Caire’s Ten Step ‘modern classic’ method for a two-minute super soothing ritual. Look good, feel even better.

At Caire, we chose rose quartz as our gua sha stone because rose quartz as a crystal is known for unconditional love and its ability to attract love, and well, doesn’t love make the world go round?

How to Use:

Apply as often as you would like from daily to weekly depending on your skin’s sensitivity, preferably after cleansing. Use a clean beauty brush or fingers to apply a thin but thorough layer of mask (about a spoonful). Use all over the face, neck, chest and/or back of hands and wherever else you feel the urge. Mask will tighten after 15 - 30 minutes, then rinse off with tepid water & towel. If there is a little mask still clinging to your face easily pull off.

Let the Mask tighten and dry completely. This is so our mid-weight and bantam-weight molecules (there really are 3 kinds of HA molecules in the Mask) can get to work hydrating and plumping skin from the inside out. How long should you wait you ask? Honestly, our formula is fast absorbing, but the longer it’s on the better the results.

Why Gua Sha:

Our Ten Step Ritual destresses, detoxes and depuffs while improving circulation, skin firmness, smoothness and brightness. In particular, the gua sha ritual stone helps achieve lymphatic drainage. Because our lymphatic system is a key part of our immune system, guasha-ing can help move waste and toxins (caused by food, drinking, poor sleep) out of your face and into the bloodstream, where your body can easily get rid of it.

Bonus benefits: helps reduce acne and rosacea flares and infections.

More Deets:

Our hand polished three sided rose quartz stone is shaped to slide, massage and glide smoothly across every part of the face including different shapes for the forehead, eyelid, undereye, jawline, cheek and overall face. Our suggested Ten Step Ritual uses modern classic strokes that are proven to be beneficial, but you should feel free to experiment. Just remember that you should move your ritual stone from the interior towards the exterior of the face (hairline) and that ‘swiping up’ from the lower face to the upper face and vice versa improves circulation and glow.

Read More About How to Use a Gua Sha & its benefits in thisarticle written by our co founder Celeste Lee.