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Vitamin D is a Must Have For Good Skin During Menopause!

Vitamin D


Your skin needs Vitamin D as you get older.  We break down the facts behind why the "sunshine vitamin" is important, what it is and why you need it.

Nicknamed the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D is produced by the body when ultraviolet B sun rays come in contact with special receptors in the skin. Given that we are (and should continue to be) big wearers of sunscreen this hinders this natural process, which can lead to to mild to severe vitamin D deficiency.

The Sun converts a chemical in our skin into D3. D3 goes to the liver & kidneys, where it becomes Active Vitamin D (calcitriol).

Active Vitamin D is a hard-working hormone. It’s a must-have for calcium absorption and helps us stave off osteoporosis after 40. Women need even more after 60. 


Vitamin D Sources


D supports immune function and fights flu, covid, colds. Lack of D is also linked to depression, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and heart disease. In skin & hair, D (like Estrogen) is necessary for cell synthesis. D also repairs - destroys free radicals - and metabolizes - deals with cell death. As if that weren’t enough, D can improve acne & psoriasis. If you have itchy skin, use the Triple Lift Molecule Mask with Vitamin D oral drops. 


Your Cheat Sheet | Vitamin D a Must Have For Good Skin During Menopause!


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