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Co-Founder Lorrie's Visit to the GYN was a shock when the GYN didn't want to discuss her hormones!?! It was out of her scope.  WTF?

Co-Founder Lorrie's Visit to the GYN was a shock when the GYN didn't want to discuss her hormones!?! It was out of her scope.  WTF?Let's get real. As you age, don't you think you should be able to go to your gyno and talk about your hormones?!

FACT:  7,000 women in the U.S. alone go through menopause (or peri-menopause) every day. 

What? Are these not real people? 

How is it that the doctors don’t talk about hormone decline? 

And how it’s going to affect us!!!

Caire talks a lot about taking care of our body's exterior, and it's just as important to take care of our body's (and skin’s) interior! Here we have Co-Founder of Caire, Lorrie King, discussing just how important it is to find the right gynecologist for your doctor’s visit after she had a disappointing one.  

Lorrie experienced a hair raising, pulse increasing, heart pumping incident that landed her in the ER.  After EKGs, blood tests and more the heart attack scare was over and nada was going on.  Recommendation from the ER; Onward to the Cardiologist where she found that she 1) should never mix energizing activity such as biking with afternoon tea (filled with way too much caffeine; 2) was dehydrated; 3) needed to get her hormones checked.  “What; my hormones checked?”; along with a look of dismay and surprise.  Who knew that hormones could affect an increasing pulse rate (Lorrie’s had been slowly increasing for the past year).  New to her she made an appointment with her gyno for her covid 2 year visit since her typical annual visit went out the window during the 1st year of covid.  This gyno (a NY specialist with a top University led hospital to remain unnamed) suggested that she have her thyroid levels checked not by HER, but by Lorrie’s primary care doctor because “hormones aren’t her department”.   WTF, since when are hormones out of a gyno’s scope !?!  It is time to change gynos!  

As we age, we know to change many things (as we always say with our skincare), but who knew that finding the right gyno as you age would be required. It was shocking to Lorrie that basically doctors are passing on “women problems” to the next doctor due to some of their medical school training! Why are they not on top of it?  We women need to take a stand for our health and demand that our gynos can be one of the 1st ones we can trust to go to about any hormonal questions or concerns. They know all about pregnancy and hormones, so what’s the difference as we get older!  

Onwards to kicking those old fashioned thinking doctors to the curb! Looking healthy on the outside only matters if your insides are just as healthy!

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