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We want you to feel good about your purchase of Caire's skin care. 

We realize that switching from one anti-aging skin care product to something new is a big consideration especially given how many products and brands there are causing major confusion.  We are grateful that you made a decision to improve your skin's health, reset it and improve it by supporting our women's owned business.  However we also "caire" if you found that our skin care does not work for you
On our end, we have put a huge amount of thought into the scientific formulations along with taking into consideration real women’s lives into the development of each Caire skin care product.   And we also understand that each woman’s actual use experience will be different and individual. So if you are not finding your skin to be glowing, smoothing, plumped and/or lifted in the right direction, we will happily refund your purchase. This is our 100% Love it or Refund Guarantee so you can feel good about your decision to purchase Caire initially.
You simply send it back to us and we’ll give you your money back. Email us at hello@cairebeauty.com and the Caire Customer Care team will get in touch with the address to return your package to. A few notes though. Like most companies, we only refund within 30 days of your receiving the order and also, we’re sorry but we cannot refund the original shipping fees.
Caire Customer Care Email: Hello@cairebeauty.com 
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