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v-qool Anti-Hot Flash Gel Patches

Zero-Hormone | Women Dr. Created | Comfy | 25 In a Pack

v-qool is a unique hydrogel patch. The evaporation promotes an almost instant cooling effect. v-qool is non-hormonal, disposable and requires no refrigeration.
v-qool devices are stacked neatly in a recyclable, BPA free jar.
24 v-qool devices per jar.
For external use only.
These statements have not been evaluated by the fda.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

A hydrogel patch device that can be instantly placed when a hot flash is coming on by slipping it into the panty. Each patch will help to alleviate and better manage hot flashes and night sweats due to hormone decline during menopause.

v-qool is so easy to use:
1) peel off blue film
2) place gel side into panty like an upside down heart
ahhh, cool
3) remove and replace as needed
Seal the moisture proof v-qool jar tightly.


V-qool is a patented and novel device, invented by 3 women doctors to help manage uncomfortable and disruptive hot flashes and night sweats related to menopause. V-qool is a simple noninvasive, non-hormonal, sleek and discreet device. It contains a hydrogel that works through evaporation to give an immediate cooling sensation on contact. V-qool takes advantage of the super sensitive intimate skin and clitoris, known for it’s rich blood supply and dense nerve supply. V-qool does not alter skin temperature. V-qool does not require refrigeration. Store in a dark sealed jar or foil pouch in a cool dry place.

V-qool is worn discreetly on the vulva. Peel off the blue film. Place the v-qool gel side down on the panty crotch. The device will stick to the panty and rest on the vulva. There is no adhesive. The polyurethane backing will rest comfortably on the vulva skin. Comfy and cool!

Note: unlike a typical pantyliner, v-qool does not cover the vagina, urethra or anal openings. It is placed in the panty to abut the vulva mirroring the clitoris anatomy. The unique inverted heart shaped v-qool device sits snuggly and naturally on the top portion of vulva. It is intended to rest on the mons pubis (fleshy prominence on top of the pubic bone), the labia (the outer and inner lips) and clitoris ( super sensitive and highly vascular). V-qool should not cover the urethra or vagina and is not intended to absorb urine, menstrual blood or vaginal secretions. It is not meant for insertion or ingestion. V-qool is for external use only. V-qool should not be flushed.  

Hot flashes can occur occasionally or constantly, day or night, random or provoked. The beauty of v-qool is that it can be used both on demand during a hot flash and/or in anticipation of such. Many women are well aware of typical times of day or common triggers for hot flashes. V-qool can be helpful if placed at night prior to sleep when night sweats are disruptive. V-qool can be easily and quickly placed in the middle of the night if awakening occurs due to flashes and perspiration. V-qool can be worn for several hours and replaced as often as needed. V-qool is disposable and does not require refrigeration; it is best stored in its sealed jar or foil pouch in a cool dry place.

V-qool is a patented device composed of a hydrogel (95% water ) sandwiched in polyurethane. The thicker blue polyurethane film is peeled off prior to use. The thinner clear polyurethane remains to maintain the shape and rigidity of gel. The polymer contains mostly water and contains no preservatives, glycerin, parabens or fragrance. The gel can be directly affixed to the panty or for more intense cooling, the gel can be placed directly on the skin. The gel can be placed safely and comfortably on hair covered skin. Removal is painless and simple; just peel from one spot for removal. V-qool contains no latex. 

V-qool is made in the USA. 

V-qool  may be used by any and all women experiencing hot flashes and/or night sweats due to hormone changes of menopause.  V-qool is useful both as a stand-alone device or as an adjunct to other menopause treatments such as hormone therapy, antidepressants or nutritional supplements. V-qool is safe for those with estrogen sensitive cancers including breast cancer.  V-qool is hormone free.  V-qool is well tolerated even in those with delicate intimate skin.   V-qool can be worn by those with or without pubic hair.  V-qool is for external use only.  V-qool should not be inserted or ingested. Do not flush V-qool.  In the rare event sensitivity or rash develop, discontinue use and follow up with your health care provider.