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Skincare After 50 - It’s Time To Change Up Your Regimen: Ten Do’s and Don’ts as You Age

Skincare After 50 - It’s Time To Change Up Your Regimen: Ten Do’s and Don’ts as You Age

As women age, we learn one of the most valuable lessons life can teach us: true beauty comes from within. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take care of your outer beauty, too! 

Of course, there’s no miracle cure or 100% effective age defense for mature skin. Proper skincare for grownups involves switching to an age-appropriate regimen that makes you look and feel young, healthy, and radiant. 

From tightening your skin to refreshing your exfoliating routine, here are 10 tips to improve your skincare especially after 50. 

1.   Don’t Let Declining Hormones Dry You Out

As you have aged into your 50s, you probably started suffering menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, and, of course – dry, aging, skin. Unlike sun or pollution damage, this “internal aging” is the result of tanking estrogen levels (that typically starts in perimenopause). 

Unfortunately, most anti-aging products don’t address hormone-related dry skin. But that doesn’t stop lower estrogen levels from bringing on the sags, bags, and dry, itchy skin. 

On the bright side, you can restore your youthful glow with a hyaluronic acid (HA)-packed skincare product that includes specific products for aging mature skin affected by hormone decline.. 

HA is  not an acid, but a long chain sugar chain molecule that can hold up to an estimated 1,000 times its weight in water to hydrate and plump your skin. Most mature skin needs two kinds of HA: ultra-high- through to ultra-low-weight, yet most products only focus on higher weights due to cost and a lack of understanding of the science. While high-weight HA sits on the surface to provide instant topical hydration, ultra-low-weight HA penetrates more deeply given its smaller sizer to help firm up and support stronger  collagen production. 

With a double-whammy of Caire’sTheorem Serum Boost and  Triple Lift Molecule Mask skincare products, you’ll get all the necessary HA to plump your skin inside and out – literally. Plus, our unique formula will power amino acid chains right into the skin to help replace lost estrogenic action. 

2.   Don’t Skimp on the Sunscreen

Sunscreen as you age over 50

Rain or shine, hot or cold, skimping on the sunscreen is never wise. Permanent skin-damaging UV rays can even break through heavy cloud cover and wreak havoc on your delicate wrapping. 

To prevent long-term damage, moisturizers with broad-spectrum SPF 30+ can stave off UV rays’ aging impacts. But if you plan to be outdoors or driving for extended periods, you may need to apply a separate sunscreen regularly.

3.   Using Cleansers to Carry Your Skin Care

If you search out for specific skin care regimens for mature skin it can often involve a daily dose of cleanser-based face-washing, but you may not know what you need as your skin is changing as you age. Unfortunately, too many women rely on cleansers that leave their skin dry, sticky, or greasy, which can greatly impact your skin care routine. Not only that, but mature skin grows thinner as you age, meaning you require gentler or more hydrating oil based cleaners. 

For most women, proper skincare over 50 requires a mild cleanser that leaves your natural oils intact. Look for cleansers that work for – not against – you to leave clean, soft skin in their wake. 

Rice based fruit enzyme cleansers, like Pharrell Williams’ Humanrace Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator, contain papaya, pineapple, and pomegranate enzymes to lightly exfoliate, cleanse and refresh.

4.   Hydrate Regularly for Plumper, Firmer Skin

For some women, “plump” is a word best avoided – but when it comes to skin, healthy, glowing, andplumpis just what you need. 

As your HA levels decrease with age, adding in nightly or weekly hydration masks can restore moisture and provide gravity-defying age defense. With added peptides and fruit enzymes, many masks also serve as a great way to deliver extra therapeutics directly into your skin. 

And withCaire’s Triple Lift Molecule Mask, you can rely on advanced triple-action HA and peptides to hydrate, smooth, and lift in just 15 minutes. 

5.   Adjust Your Routine toYourSkin

Unless you have a twin (and even then), chances are, your skin is unique to you. Sure, some products that work for others will work for you – but others really, really won’t. 

Not every woman needs the same kind or number of products at the same time of day. Slathering on products that don't work for you – or skimping on products that do – just because “it works for someone else” can result in tighter, aging skin. 

Ultimately, your skin is yours, and yours alone – why would you rely on someoneelse’s skincare regimen to treat your body?  However, finding the routine that works best for your mature skin is what counts.  For example, we are not big proponents of retinols even though it’s an FDA approved ingredient.  Why you ask would we not suggest it? It’s all about the amount you use and how thin your skin is getting as you age.   If you choose to use one it’s best to speak with your dermatologist.

6.   Don’t Pile on the Products 

Skincare after 50 looks a lot less like slathering on makeup and more like finding the right blend of products. Remember: the more harsh chemicals you use, the more likely you’ll accidentally mix unmixable ingredients, irritate your skin, or suffer chemical overload resulting in immediate effects to your skin barrier. 

Relying on fewer high-quality products will serve you better in the long run by ensuring you dojustenough to keep your aging mature skin feeling its best. 

You’ll also want to avoid combining products that can cause irritation or dangerous reactions. For instance, you should never pair:

  •    Retinol and vitamin C
  •    AHAs with salicylic acid
  •    Vitamin C with AHAs, salicylic acid, or vitamin B3 (niacinamide) 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate these into your age defense regimen – just that you’ll want to space out your routine. For instance, you might pair a skin-plumping HA serum like Caire's Theorem Serum Boost with a Vitamin C serum in the morning for brightening. Or before bed, and as recommended by your doctor, you can use this serum as a base and then dab on a little retinol cream, every other day or three days, to tighten and lift while you sleep. 

7.   Exfoliate Gently for More Radiant Skin

Most people’s visible skin is actually covered by a thin outer layer of dead skin cells that thickens with age. A hydrating, cleansing exfoliation process can remove these dead cells and contribute to brighter, cleaner skin. 

However, you’ll want to choose the right cleansing exfoliator for your age and skin type. While both physical scrubs and chemicals can work, mature skin often thins with age, and so requires a gentler touch. 

For many women, a very mild exfoliating scrub or light acid peel paired with a calming after-serum provides noticeable benefits.  We recommend that you use these types of scrubs no more than once a week. Creamy or oil based cleansers with vitamin C and fruit enzyme pumpkin or papaya masks can also do the trick for those with drier skin. 

8.    Daily Facial Massage

After you’ve cleansed, moisturized, and exfoliated, you might consider adding a daily massage to your routine. While facial massages help at any age, they’re particularly beneficial for skincare over 50. 

A gentle, thorough massage can improve blood flow, reduce fluid buildup, sculpt your facial muscles, and even boost collagen production for brighter, firmer skin. Using tools like a CaireFace Ritual Quartz Roller orGua Sha Smoothing Stone that can help products penetrate deeper to target problem areas around the jaw and cheeks. 

Gua Sha and Rose Quartz Roller

9.   Feel Empowered to Cut What Doesn’t Work

Skin care is a bit of trial and error especially skin care for women over 50 – and finding the right combination in today’s overwhelming sea of skin care products isn’t easy. But if your new favorite face goop doesn’t work the way you need it to, don’t be afraid to drop it like it’s hot. 

In a similar vein, if your skin seems sensitive to a particular formula or ingredient, it might be time to switch. The last thing you want is to damage your skin just to keep your daily routine! And many of you are likely using products from 10 even 20 days ago or more. 

10. On the Other Hand: Give Your Products Time to Work

Reducing wrinkles, hydrating your skin, and gently working away dullness and skin buildup takes time. Rather than treating your skin care regimen like a merry-go-round of products and exasperation, remember to give each product time to work plus to space drying time between the application of each product. 

For most women over 50, it’s reasonable to wait a couple of weeks – or even months – before deciding if a product doesn’t work for their skin. Aside from potential immediate visual skin damage or irritation, giving up early on a new product (and buying and trying others) simply feeds the cycle of new useless (and expensive for your pocketbook) beauty products on store shelves. 

Returning your skin to better health and hydration after years of hormone decline after you turn 50 is a priority as you age.  No over the counter skin care product is a miracle worker and can not erase your wrinkles, but there are very focused and well formulated skin care products.  The Caire Beauty founders worked with their own lab and scientists to develop a formula that 1) is of excellent science from a formulation standpoint (meaning we are not copying anyone and we put in the time to make certain our formulas work) and 2) use premium ingredients and proprietary processes to give you a product so that you can notice the change in your skin. 

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