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Should You Switch to Natural Skincare Products After 40?

Should You Switch to Natural Skincare Products After 40? - Caire Beauty

Guest Writer Karen Lombardo 

When you are young and under 30, you can pretty much slather on any type of natural skincare product and your skin will glow and hydrate easily because you have sufficient skin activity that allows you to glow more even without many products.  Starting at age 31, your body, specifically your skin, starts to deal with an ongoing estrogen and progesterone hormone decline that escalates in your 40s then takes a dive in your 50s at technical menopause.

Younger to older women

The absence of hormones in your skin creates dry skin, decreased elasticity, and reduced cell production resulting in thinning skin over time.  The thinning of skin shows signs of aging and the beginning of menopause

Changes in your skin can be supported using what are primarily natural skincare products. Your skin will flourish with natural skincare products that embrace what we consider the best of all-natural and/or the safest of clean skincare products that have ingredients that are not banned by retailers, such as AILLEA, where Caire Beauty is sold.  Additionally, we believe that you should explore the best ingredient resources that combine the best of nature with the best of science to make certain the products you use are safe for use on your skin.

Natural Ingredients | Plants and Flowers | Caire Beauty

What is Natural Skin Care & How can you Monitor their Safety for your Skin?

Let’s help demystify, as best as we can, what is considered Natural Skin Care keeping in mind that safety, allergies and toxicity are integral to creating the best of Natural Skin Care. According to the Dermatology Times,  “Most experts would agree that natural skincare products are products that are free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. Many of these products also use ingredients that are naturally sourced or botanical ingredients that have therapeutic effects on the skin.”

There are currently no government regulations regarding using the word ‘natural’ on skincare products so it’s best to help you understand this by defining natural skincare as naturally derived and having mostly natural ingredients. Additionally, natural skincare is often defined as products derived from a mineral, plant, or animal by-product. Please bear in mind there are variations of what are defined as ‘natural’ skincare and how these products are labeled, so it’s always best to refer to the ingredients directly.  For example, a bad ingredient is polyvinyl alcohol yet many products continue to use this because it feels so smooth on your skin yet it’s a form of a microplastic.

A spa like natural environment to calm the mind and have a moment of self-care

Homemade or freshly made skincare products are popping up on the market, especially at local farmers and other markets. Many of these products are hand batched and manufactured in small quantities and sold fresh, without preservatives or regulatory oversight. Given that these are freshly made, just like food, many of these may spoil quickly, and can potentially grow bacteria that might cause injury and infection. In addition, these products have an extremely short shelf life and must typically be used in one week or possibly can be refrigerated for short periods of time. Without using preservatives, please keep in mind when purchasing 100% natural skincare products that many need to be purchased and handled like unpreserved milk or fresh fruits or vegetables, so definitely ask questions. 

The best beauty products use what is classified as natural skincare combined with the best of science and preservatives that allow consumers to use and store skincare products for extended periods of time after opening, eliminating the potential growth of bacteria and other harmful elements such as molds. At Caire Beauty, we subscribe to advanced natural biochemistry. Our products are plant, tree & sea derived only … and won’t ever use phthalates, parabens, polyvinyls, polyethylenes, palmitates, or the like.

Are natural skincare products better than other skincare products?

Natural skincare products can be made of a science-packed formula coupled with the safest ingredients and held to a high standard. This balance between science and natural ingredients ensures that women who are using naturally based products on their skin mitigate unhealthy exposure to ingredients banned by many clean authority retailers such as Sephora, Credo Beauty and where Caire is sold at one of the cleanest of them all AILLEA

Lorrie at Aillea

While every person’s body is different and reacts differently to all products, rarely does a well formulated  natural skincare product result in serious irritation or adverse reactions.  

An interesting aspect of natural skincare products occurs when examining cost. Natural skincare products can be more expensive compared to other skincare products depending on what the ingredients are; for example, rose essential oil is always an expensive ingredient whereas peppermint is not as costly. The quality of natural skincare products can sometimes afford us the benefit of using less product, and often a single product depending on what it is. Therefore, sometimes you have to use multiple layers of products to achieve the same result.  With Caire’s products as an example, our serum is a base beneath all other skincare and makeup that does not require other products on top of it unless your skin acts as though you need more.  That’s why it’s important to understand your skin and how it best adapts to certain ingredients especially in natural skincare products such as Caire.

What are the different types of natural skincare sources?

Women over 40 need to look for natural skincare that actually has actives specifically formulated for them.  These women may be looking to improve their skincare regimen may face confusing terms such as vegan,  plant-based and organic products.  Here is some information on these natural skincare options so that you can best understand how many of these approaches work in the skincare industry:

  • Vegan products do not containany substances of animal origin, including milk or honey. However, something to keep in mind is that natural vegan skincare products do not have to  necessarily be products ofnatural or organic origin and can contain artificial components found in traditional products.  
  • Natural plant-based skincare products, like vegan products, may containa portion of the ingredients from plants. The remaining ingredientsmay be naturally derivedcomponents found safe and effective for use in traditional products.
  • Organic products are made in such a way that they do not contain pesticides or additives when grown.

If you are vegan and wish to ensure there are no animal-origin ingredients, examine the ingredient labels or look for the vegan certification or brand logos demonstrating this.

How to switch to natural skincare products

Your skin may be sending you a message to switch to natural skincare products when the inflammatory or other irritation results you may have experienced from previous products are no longer present.  Natural skincare can have a certain balance that assists in returning your skin to a pure and healthy state. 

The natural skincare industry is quickly growing, especially among women over 40.  Consumers are looking for better products that deliver healthier and environmentally friendly benefits. Making the switch to natural skincare products with ingredients that can provide a percentage of botanicals can also and typically have a source of:

  • Vitamins
  • Antioxidants
  • Essential oils
  • Hydrocolloids
  • Proteins
  • Terpenoids
  • Bioactive compounds

We advise that you start slow when switching to all-natural products as explained earlier because if they are 100% natural these can have a much higher irritation to the skin.  Like changing soap or shampoo, try one product at a time and wait to see the results. The essential products to switch to primarily natural skincare with solid science are facial products (e.g. facial oils, facial essences, serums, facial masks, etc.), body lotions (e.g. butters), washes, and soaps. These products make the top of the list because they are the most frequently used, and often more than once a day, depending on post-workout showers!

Pair your natural skincare products with a healthy lifestyle. 

Glass of Water for natural hydration on the inside to support hydration in your skin


Hydrating your skin from the inside eating and drinking a diet that allows for higher hydration coupled with natural skincare products on the outside will deliver a healthier you.  


Caire Beauty offers skincare products that work in conjunction with efforts to feed nutrition into the skin better and faster. Life after 40 and the physical changes that occur require a commitment to our bodies to take care of our skin and naturally hydrate. Use the Caire Serum to help hydrate, firm and plump skin for a younger-looking glow and lift | 100% of women said so through a verified clinical study.  Caire works rapidly so you can feel the benefits of how to fully hydrate and moisturize your skin from the inside out. And most important, take care of your most vital organ, skin, which only enhances your overall health, confidence and aging process. 

Additional resources:  healthline.com

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