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Beat The Heat! Is Menopause Making You Hot?

By Melissa Foss, Caire Guest Editor

Is Menopause Making You Hot?

Hot flashes got you in a sweat? Here’s how to cool off--naturally. 

Your 1st Hot Flash

Your very first hot flash can come as quite a shock. Suddenly, you feel a rising heat sensation and your body temperature goes up dramatically.  Typical immediate effects are:  

1)   You start to sweat.

2)   You feel flushed in the face and are overheated in the torso.

3)   Your heart rate increases.

4)   You feel anxious or stressed.

Anyone ever feel like they want to jump into an ice bath?

These symptoms can last for up to 30 minutes whether you are sitting still,  in a meeting or exercising.  They can happen infrequently or multiple times per day. No matter where you are or who you are with, a hot flash  (sometimes called hot flush)  can creep up, causing an uncomfortable rush of heat and sweat.

Your Hypothalamus ... The Body's Thermostat

What is a Hypothalamus?

As we enter perimenopause around age 43, 44, or 45, our hypothalamus (the body’s thermometer) becomes more sensitive and the result is, well, anything but fun.  This research will suggest that hot flashes can occur as we experience decreased estrogen levels over time.  Decreasing estrogen can start as early as 30 and escalates at 51 during technical menopause. The hormone decline causes your body's thermostat (hypothalamus) to become super sensitive to any slight changes in body temperature.

When the hypothalamus is triggered by a signal that your body is too warm, it starts a chain of events — the actual hot flash — to cool you down. It doesn’t make sense, right?  The truth is that scientific research still has not isolated the sequence of precise events. We do know that hot flashes and night sweats that can accompany them are most often caused by peri-menopause and menopause.    

A Menopausal Fact Of Life: A Hot Flash Feeling Explained  

As you may (or may not yet) know: Hot flashes are different than just feeling uncomfortable due to high outdoor temperatures or exercise. They seem to come from within, like a furnace igniting in your chest area, and spreads almost instantly outwards, mostly in the upper body – meaning your torso  – causing severe sweating and oftentimes a rapid heartbeat too. 

Also they’re unpredictable. They can happen anytime.  Just when you sit down for dinner or are meeting a date, and very frequently during the night; these hot sensations just take over. Because they may last the entire duration of your menopause and continue afterwards, we suggest that you take as much control as possible over these undeniable reminders that your body is changing.  Taking concrete steps, affecting positive changes will help your outlook as well because if you feel you are a little bit in control you will feel better overall. Whew ... what a relief.  

Own Your Menopause Journey 

While estrogenic foods (soy, tofu), supplements and medically prescribed anti-depressants have been shown to lessen symptoms in some women, these protocols are not suggested for cancer survivors, women with cardiovascular disease or those who have had a blood clot. Also, today many women prefer to handle the situation as naturally as possible, and thankfully there have been great strides made in this arena as well. Read on!  

Magic Herbs? 

Black Cohosh

Experts (and some of you!) claim that Chinese herbs, in particular Black Cohosh—a flowering plant native to eastern North America--can help lessen the feelings of overwhelming heat, sweatiness, and even anxiety dramatically. 

How does the Black Cohosh herb work to help control your hormones? It can serve to re-educate the feedback loops between the brain and endocrine system, stimulating your brain and nourishing your body’s own natural hormone production.  

According to Dr. George Wong, a celebrated doctor who combines Chinese and Western medicine in his practice which has included many celebrity clients (including members of the Kennedy family) Black Cohosh “can promote the body to produce more promotive estrogens than estrogen, which can be harmful.”  You should take any herbal supplement in moderation and of course it is always a good idea to consult your doctor before starting any new regimen, especially if you are a cancer survivor.

Small Change, Big Result

We like Hot Flash Tea, which is a Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) oolong tea, known as "GABA" tea which includes Black Cohosh, echinacea and yam extracts as well. GABA is a naturally occurring amino acid in your brain which naturally declines with age. Because this amino acid plays a huge role in regulating our central nervous system, the tea works by helping your body to regulate hot flash sensations.

This unique organic tea was inspired by Denise Pines, a filmmaker – and competitive runner who wanted to take back control of her body from the totally unexpected onset of hot flashes. Denise told us, “Because I have always taken such good care of my body, both from a fitness standpoint and the food I eat, it never ever occurred to me that I would ever experience such a thing as a ‘hot flash’. So when it actually happened to me, I was absolutely shocked. I didn’t even know what was happening. At first, I thought I was having a heart attack.”



Not finding solutions she was comfortable with, similar to the Co-Founders at Caire, Denise took matters into her own hands; she and her doctor, Dr. Vuong Pei, together created the Hot Flash Tea™.  Denise says that most every woman will experience a significant decrease, if not cessation, in the frequency and intensity of hot flashes and … and night sweats too!  And we are presuming night and day sweats also. Tea Botanics’ studies show that the Hot Flash Tea works within two weeks.

Denise & Yasmin

Plant-based interventions, such as Hot Flash Tea™ serve to re-educate the complex feedback loops between the brain and endocrine system. The tea does this by stimulating your brain and nourishing your body's own natural hormone production to help maintain your feminine rhythms and hormonal balances.  Other potential benefits include better sleep, less anxiety, fewer headaches, less dizziness and an overall decrease in irritability. This is a game changer.  By the way, Denise invites the Caire community – that means YOU - to try her inspiration out at TeaBotanics.com.

Hot Flash Tea | Caire Beauty 

There are a broad range of supplements and tinctures available at your health food store, integrative pharmacy, local drugstore or on Amazon.com.  For those who don’t feel a tea infusion solution is for them or want to supplement it even further, RemifeminTrademark - Wikipedia is a tablet using Black Cohosh that is manufactured with secure guidelines so it is a considered a safe supplement (not all supplements are created equal). Some other plant-based solutions that can be effective include the following:

  • Vitamin B-6 is a vitamin we regularly eat and is found in abundance in leafy greens, fish, chicken and most importantly, beans.  B-6 works by increasing serotonin levels to help alleviate symptoms that result due to lower estrogen production. Remember serotonin is our happy hormone!
  • So cooking a pot of legumes (aka) beans weekly to add into your salads, or creating a bean soup to add to your daily lunch gameplan is a huge step in the right direction.  Legumes are among the most versatile and nutritious foods available. Legumes are typically low in fat, contain no cholesterol, and are high in folate, potassium, iron and magnesium. They also contain beneficial fats and soluble and insoluble fiber.
  •  When you increase your bean intake over time and provide your body with a natural boost of what you need as it ages.
  •  Evening Primrose Oil which many cultures believe can reduce the impact of menopausal issues caused by variation in your body's temperature.  Meaning hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, inability to stay asleep.  Keep in mind that this is an oil that many say can be even more effective when taken orally.
  • Pycnogenol is proven to improve sleep due to reduced stress levels. Many  women find it can also help reduce hot flashes, night sweats, and other menopausal symptoms.

Green plants | Caire Beauty

It’s always best to consult with a nutritionist or a doctor or one of the new online platforms designed to address hormonal health like www.lisahealth.com to create a balanced menopausal regimen solution.  They may offer appropriate safe dosages, especially since hot flashes are just one sign of estrogen decline. And the truth of the matter is the average woman will experience a range of menopausal sensations – at least 6 or 7 over time.

Short And Long-Term Hot Flash Tips

Tip 1:  Skincare for Menopause  Caire’s Triple-Lift Molecule Mask is a refreshing tightening gel mask containing triple hyaluronic acid and a pro-collagen peptide targeted solution for both peri- and post-menopausal skin. The approach is to not only hydrate and lift skin but to build it up smoother from the inside out.

A cool idea; Pop it in the fridge for an hour before applying, and enjoy! Not only will your skin feel cooler, it will also even skin tone, give you a glow and allow makeup to smooth onto skin with no streaking. You’ll become addicted! For immediate hot flash relief, apply the mask to your chest, back of neck & shoulders. 

Tip 2: Dress in layers so you can remove clothing when you feel warm.  Easily add it back when you feel cooler. 

Tip 3: Keep ice cubes close by.  Sip an icy cold drink; water is always best.   

Tip 4: Skip smoking! It’s linked to increased hot flashes & cancer. 

Tip 5: Lose weight to not only improve your overall health, but help lessen the intensity of hot flashes. 

Tip 6: Lower your stress levels by taking some quiet time for yourself for a few minutes every morning before you get out of bed and before you go to sleep. Remember to smile for yourself. 

Tip 7: Put a frozen ice pack under your pillow (remember to turn it over often) or at your feet. 

Tip 8: Exercise regularly for an uplifted mood and to help you sleep better. 

Tip 9: Use a fan in your home or workplace. To sleep more comfortably use cooling pajamas, sheets and pillows. 

Tip 10:  Take slow, deep breaths as soon as a hot flash starts. 

Hot flashes are a part of daily living for those who are peri- and post-menopausal.  Caire Beauty offers skincare for menopause and the dramatic skin changes that occur during this trying time, such as dry patches, deepening wrinkles, the return of acne and more.  Use the Caire Serum to diminish the effects on your skin from declining hormones and menopause.  And remember how you can feel and look.



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