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Hyaluronic Acid - Clean Skincare and Anti-Aging for Women Over 40

Hyaluronic Acid - Clean Skincare and Anti-Aging for Women Over 40

There is a scientific principle that says that 80 percent of the results come from 20 percent of the work. We believe that applies to skincare too. That's why we worked so hard in our own lab to redefine youthfulness and study aging. Our goal is to address the skin barrier and skin health concerns effectively with smart bioscience. The Caire Science Defiance Lifting Mask No. 1 and Theorem Serum No. 1 Set, are multi-purpose. You can achieve moisturizing, lifting, smoothing and revitalizing effects in two steps, not ten. You can make your skin look great immediately but will also, like the multi-step routines, encourage our own skins naturally reparative abilities to kick into action. The mask contains a unique complex of hard-working hyaluronic acid compounds and fermented biosaccharides, while the serum contains micro-hyaluronic acid and one of a kind youth-inducing peptide to help rebuild and repair your skin from “within”. And by within, we mean underneath the skin barrier where the real work in creating youth takes place.


 Hyaluronic Acid Benefits Explained 

Hyaluronic acid is widely accepted as being the secret key to skin’s own ability to hold water. That’s a simple way of saying looking fresh and moisturized. Hyaluronic acid, sometimes simply called HA, contributes directly to a more youthful, smooth and healthy skin appearance - that all important radiant glow. In fact, everyone produces HA from birth. Our body produces its own hyaluronic acid all the time, but it begins to produce less each year at age 30. Hyaluronic acid is one of our key building blocks and is found in cartilage, synovial fluid, and other tissues, as well as skin. Age, environmental influences, diet and UV exposure all impact the rate at which HA is produced. That's why researchers are taking so much interest in hyaluronic acid serum. Diminishment starts at 30 in most people, and by age 40, you can see and feel the change. In skin, you experience dryness, fine lines, subtle droop around the nose and mouth and the critical eye area. At Caire we are not only adding a boost of three kinds of Hyaluronic Acid molecules, but also triggering your skin to create more of its own HA.  Hyaluronic acid can hold a thousand times its weight in water, which makes it critical for hydrating the skin and lubricating the joints. It binds to water and stops it from evaporating. This is why a good hydrating mask should contain hyaluronic acid. Most moisturizing creams, whether from the local drugstore or from Ulta and Sephora simply contain oils that are quickly absorbed but just as quickly lost. Hyaluronic acid is a powerful natural humectant that can provide lasting hydration but it has to be formulated correctly. Using the Caire tightening mask for 15 to 25 minutes will help make you look younger and more gorgeous all day, but even better, combining the deep hydrating mask with daily use of Caire Serum No. 1 will help give you a happy glow and lifted look all week long. You may see hyaluronic acid at the store and in advertising as being an anti-aging ingredient, and it is that, however the HA complex created by Caire is formulated to offer multiple other benefits, including: 

  • Ocular lift, creating a more youthful appearance by smoothing the skin around the eyes
  • Promotes regeneration of dry, shallow looking skin
  • Plumping and smoothing of the overall complexion, neck and chest
  • Naturally activates skin building, healing and repair
  • Smoothing fine lines out from under the eyes, forehead, around the mouth and jawline. 

 The best serum for women over 40 is one that is non-comedogenic (meaning that it does not clog the pores) and penetrates deep into the extracellular matrix, where it can offer true moisturizing and regenerative benefits. Particularly when you're considering ocular (meaning around the eye) skincare, it is crucial that products are mild, hypoallergenic, and free from added scents or chemicals that can irritate the delicate ocular skin. Gently clean your skin and nourish it with an advanced Hyaluronic acid formulation, and you will see good results as your body works its own magic and repairs and revitalizes skin from the inside out. Whether you're 35, 45 or 55, trust your own skin and give it the right tools. This means getting your diet and sleep routine in sync and choosing good, clean skincare that is designed specifically for women 40+.


Choosing the Best Hyaluronic Acid Skincare Product

Since the benefits of hyaluronic acid have become known, products containing it have started to pop up in drugstores, on supermarket shelves, at specialty beauty stores and online. Unfortunately, most of these products are not guaranteed and in fact use ‘cheap’ large size HA molecules, which are too large to penetrate the skin barrier. Moisturizing with the wrong HA is a waste of time and money since molecules will just sit on top of the skin and can even create problems. Your skin may 'shine' for a short while, but you won't see any lasting benefit from it. The bio-nutritive products created by Caire, such as the Science Defiance Mask with biosaccharides and low-weight hyaluronic acid are designed to be highly bio-available. This means using pure, specialized ingredients and delivery systems that penetrate the skin barrier correctly, to deliver nutrients to the areas where they are needed the most. We set out to create not just the best anti-aging mask, but also the best lifting mask for those who have maturing skin yet want to enjoy smooth glowing skin without using injectables.


Many say that life begins at 40, and it's true. In your forties, you begin to reach your peak income years, have created long-term friendship and family groups. With busy careers and thriving social lives, it is important to self-care. Caire is committed to creating high end science skincare solutions that are approachable both in cost and actual effort. Choosing low-weight hyaluronic acid and products that are petroleum, phthalate, polyvinyl and paraben free, with no added fragrance and additives is a smart starting point. We mention polyvinyl because there are several Mask products you may have seen on Instagram or QVC that tighten and firm and can look dramatic in pictures. The use of polyvinyl alcohol and the like is to be avoided by the woman who wants to take care of herself naturally. You should always choose to self-care safely. The Caire Science Defiance Mask No.1 is made with botanicals, HA and other science enhanced good-for-skin ingredients and safely tightens, firms and lifts. We suggest you keep it on for half hour before washing off, but the youth enhancing effects work at even 15 minutes. Listen to your favorite podcast or even do a guided meditation with your mask on and feel good inside and out.



Our Ethos of Self-Care

Caire was founded with core values of women-first, science-first, clean-first and solving for real life first. We put the "i" in caire so that caring for skin, your most precious asset is achievable and affordable. This is important because so many women put others before themselves and therefore won’t spend money on effective, science-proven skincare. It is laudable to put others before oneself but with Caire that hard choice is eliminated. The value of the science in Caire is comparable to prestigious Hollywood and luxury European doctor brands selling for over $200. As women who have a great deal of life experience ourselves; including thinking about household budgets, we understand the challenges that real women face, and we know how tough it can be to take the time out to look after yourself and how expensive it can be to do so. We also understand that with competing challenges of career, family, and caring for others, you may not have the time or motivation to read about the science behind all the numerous skincare products advertised seemingly everywhere. You may find yourself wondering how much of the jargon is true and how much is pseudoscience.



We want you to know that Caire is not only doing the research for you, we only formulate in our own lab, rather than some outside mystery manufacturer. Instead of launching a dozen lines of near-identical products with different packaging and different bulking ingredients, we've distilled our range down to two high-quality essentials. By listening to real women, we've developed a research-backed, streamlined, glow-producing solution. At the same time, we know that no two women have identical complexions, lifestyles or needs, and we're not trying to solve every problem in the world. Our scientists constantly research the key skincare needs for women 40+ and we're working carefully and seriously to design skincare that meets the challenges of hormone shifts, menopause and beyond. Whether you pamper yourself every day or use products for a quick facelift on the days you need to look your best (zoom calls!), our science-based formulations can give you confidence that you are putting your best face forward.


Reach out to us today and tell us yours. We caire about our community and anything you share will be kept confidential but will help us create the most desirable hormone defying skincare going forward. 

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