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Covid Masking: Avoid Maskne Before It Starts!

  • Take your mask on and off via the ear loops or by the edges.
  • Avoid touching the main body of the mask to avoid accidentally bringing acne triggering bacteria in.
  • Wash cloth masks with a mild or fragrance free detergent & warm (or hot water) after EVERY USE. 
  • Avoid bleaching your masks. Bleach lingers on fabric and is a major skin irritant.
  • Keep washing the hands (and NOT just using hand sanitizer) so hands are truly clean when taking on and off your mask.

Pro Tip 1: Use a lingerie bag and toss cloth masks in the washing machine, whenever you’re doing laundry.

Wearing a protective face covering or mask prevents other people’s germies from getting to you and vice versa. So that’s good but the bummer is that Covid mask wearing generates heat,moisture and sweat. And this sweat isn’t the good kind you get from a workout.   Opt for double layered light all-cotton masks rather than surgical ones which are made of multiple layers of synthetic fibers (generally polypropylene so highly problematic for the environment as well). Surgical masks are more prone to heat and sweat generation. There’s a reason that Hospital Surgeries are kept super cold and this is one of them. For example, Sanctuary brand at Anthropologie has a superlight cotton, double layer option. You can find good ones at Old Navy and Baggu as well.  

  • Many people find the physical mask material upsets their skin. Try different cottons or silk. We know it’s pricey, but a few silk masks are still less expensive than new shoes or a trip to the doctor!

  • Bring extra masks with you so you can switch them out for comfort.

  • Start with a clean face under the mask. Just apply a fast absorbing serum or SPF enhanced moisturizer. Dermatologists strongly suggest avoiding foundation, tinted moisturizers and other makeup.

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