Mighty Tighty Mask + Universal Theorem Serum Set

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These skincare heroines are designed to be used as a duo. Meaning the sum is greater than the parts. This self-care set will make your face look & feel brighter, glowier, lifted and gifted, without needles or weird zombie-looking effects. Clinically validated.

At Caire, we’re not keen on making dozens and dozens of things just for the sake of some arbitrary launch marketing calendar. We’d rather create scientifically advanced selfcare that can actually yield a visible and vital difference in your actual life. Our Mask & Serum duo is validated clinically and checked out by real people too. Plus it’s easy to use. (You should also know that our Flask in A Mask is not single use - single use sheet masks are the worst for the environment, friends.)  

How to Use: Use Flask In A Mask 2x per week & the Universal Betaine Serum 2x per day.

Our Duo is designed to deliver biochemical ingredients that are the same or mimic your own skin’s building blocks. The formula has been honed for its ability to make both an immediate and longer-term hydrative, strengthened, brightened and lifted difference in how skin appears and feels. Formulations are original and modern and don't use any polyvinyl chlorides or other polyethylene type ‘bad news’ materials (often used in masks) to create tightening effects. We also very much take into consideration varying skin types, skin conditions and real-life climates.

This Duo is particularly designed for women 40 to 65+.

But you can be younger and go for it as a preventative, skin-strengthening action.