Mighty Tighty Flask In A Mask

Mighty Tighty Flask In A Mask

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Key Ingredients:   Fermented Polysaccharides, Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid, Caprylhydroxamic Acid, Seaweed Extract

Mighty Tighty tightens, hydrates, heals and above all, lifts.

Not an ‘instant’ facelift because it does in fact take a tick of time but the 30 minutes is worth it for the face-lifting, eye-hydrating effect you’ll experience. Ideal before a zoom (or real!) date, meeting, job interview or happy hour meetup. Clinically validated.

Why? Because after age 40 (more or less!), the effects of gravity, sun and our own changing underlying skin structure start to show.

Your skin and your life deserve a little ‘tightening’ and ‘lifting’ to project your inner levity and lightness. Caire chose naturally fermented polysaccharides in conjunction with HA and glycerin, the latter is a NMF humectant (meaning it's a naturally moisturizing factor similar to the glycerols in our own skin).