Why Caire?

We are two good friends. Two beauty & wellness executives.

Two women going through our own life moments (!)  

And then, the proverbial lightbulb.  

Lorrie King and Celeste Lee

We’re deeply knowledgeable about skincare and nutrition but after years of privately kvetching about why the really good skincare is divided into two camps: $200+ expensive or 20 year-old drugstore $10 formulae, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

       Our mission is to make skincare (& supplements too) that reflect real lives rather than big company marketing assumptions and margins.

       This means, we want to create with the most sophisticated, couture, advanced bio-enhanced actives at a really decent and fair price.

       We mean it.

                        Lorrie & Celeste


Our caire commitment:


We will only make original, groundbreaking formulas … using only the most advanced natural biochemistry.


We will strive to make self-care that is truly helpful … so we’ll listen to your life stories and care needs.


We are plant, tree & sea derived only … and won’t ever use phthalates, parabens, polyvinyls, polyethylenes, palmitates or the like.


We put the ‘i’ in caire because we believe everyone deserves the best care … during every life moment, however big or small.